Last update Sun Mar 4 11:58:07 2018

Warnings and Associated Numbers

These numbers are used with the -wnumber command line switch to dmc.
1 function 'identifier' is too complicated to inline
2 possible unintended assignment
3 comments do not nest
4 assignment to 'this' is obsolete, use X::operator new/delete
5 no tag name for struct or enum
6 value of expression is not used
7 possible extraneous ';'
8 very large automatic
9 use delete[] rather than delete[expr], expr ignored
10 using operator++() (or --) instead of missing operator++(int)
11 non-const reference initialized to temporary
12 variable 'identifier' used before set
13 Illegal type/size of operands for the %s instruction
14 Reference to 'identifier' caused a 386 instruction to be generated
15 returning address of automatic 'identifier'
16 DS is not equal to DGROUP
17 unrecognized pragma
18 implied return at closing '}' does not return value
19 number actual arguments expected for identifier, had number
20 symbols or macros defined before #include of precompiled header
21 precompiled header must be first #include when -H is used
22 different configuration for precompiled header
23 divide by 0
24 number is not representable
25 C style cast
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