Last update Sun Mar 4 11:58:08 2018


Convert Object and Lib Files to OMF

Digital Mars tools all work with the Intel 32 bit OMF object and library file format. Microsoft's 32 bit tools work with Microsoft's own variant of the COFF format. Many such COFF format files can be converted to OMF with the coff2omf program:

coff2omf inputfiles...

The input files can be either object files (.obj) or library files (.lib). They are converted in place to OMF.

For example, to convert user32.lib from COFF to OMF:

coff2omf user32.lib

The Microsoft COFF format apparently changed with Visual C++ 6.0. To use coff2omf on a .lib file with the newer format, use Microsoft's linker to convert the file to the earlier COFF format:

link /lib /convert file.lib

and then use coff2omf on it.

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