Last update Sun Mar 4 11:58:08 2018

LIBUNRES: Analyze Library and Object Files

Use libunres to check the names of symbols in library and object files. For example, running libunres with the -p option obtains a list of the mangled names of functions in a DLL. Piping the output through unmangle will make the names readable.

Command syntax:

libunres [switches] { file }

file is the name of the library or object file to analyze. Specifying multiple files means that the aggregate of them all is analyzed.

Libunres Switches
Switch Description
-c Handle COMDAT records
-d Print all publics and commons
-e Print the names of all extern objects to stdout
-i Become case-insensitive
-l Print symbol names to stdout
-p Print the names of all public and common symbols

By default, libunres lists the names of all extern symbols that are not public or common, i.e. all unresolved names. It's used for determining what symbols a library or object file is depending upon.

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