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1. Introducing Digital Mars C++

User Guide & Reference
User Guide & Reference

Welcome to the Digital Mars C++ for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Visa, 7, Windows 3.1, DOS and DOS32. For a list of the Digital Mars C++ features, see features. This manual is also available on the Kindle.

Table of Contents

This manual is divided into the following six parts:
Part 1: "Welcome to Digital Mars C++"
In addition to the current chapter, introducing the Integrated Development and Debugging Environment (IDDE).
Part 2: "Creating an Application with Digital Mars C++"
Guide to creating a first application in Digital Mars C++.
Part 3: "Learning Digital Mars C++ by Example"
Tutorial chapters on building DOS and Windows hypertext file reader applications.
Part 4: "More about Creating Programs"
IDDE settings, workspaces, the application framework designers, the class browsers, the text editor, and version control.
Part 5: "More about Testing Programs"
Debugging features of Digital Mars C++.
Part 6: "About Managing Resources"
How to use the Digital Mars ResourceStudio to create and edit resources.
Part 7: "Appendixes"
Appendixes on expression evaluation, the relationship between IDDE settings and command-line options, and the NetBuild feature.

Suggestions for the new users of Digital Mars C++

If you are new to Digital Mars C++, congratulations and welcome. We hope you find our product powerful and easy to use. Check out Introducing the IDDE and work through the tutorials in Part 3 to become proficient with Digital Mars C++ quickly.

Suggestions for users new to Windows development

If you are starting to program for Windows, Digital Mars C++ is a great platform. Read Generating an Application Framework, and Adding Look and Feel with Resources. Also you should read the tutorials in Part 3, which guide you through the development of a Windows application.

Suggestions for users porting to Digital Mars C++

If you need to port your code from another compiler or from a previous version of C++, read the Switching to Digital Mars C++ chapter in the Compiler & Tools Guide.

Suggestions for users upgrading to Digital Mars C++

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Digital Mars C++ and want to learn about the new product features, read Generating an Application Framework, Defining Classes and Their Hierarchies, Adding Look and Feel with Resources, More about AppExpress, and More about ClassExpress.

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