Last update Sun Mar 4 11:58:08 2018

PATCHOBJ: Patching Object Files

patchobj modifies object files. It can change the name of a segment, remove default library information, or remove an object file's memory model specifier.

Command syntax

patchobj inputfile[.obj] { switches } 

The inputfile is the object file to patch, with a default extension of .obj.

Patchobj Arguments
Arguments Description
-lold new Changes an LNAME (segment name) from old to new. Both names should be the same length
-m Removes the memory model specifier from the object file
-n Removes the default library information from the object file
-ooutfile Names the new object file outfile. If omitted, patchobj writes over the old object file


This command line removes the default library information from vector.obj and places the result in vector.tmp:

patchobj vector.obj -ovector.tmp -n 

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