Last update Thu May 31 14:33:42 2018


Convert Import Libraries in COFF Format to OMF Format

Digital Mars tools all work with the Intel 32 bit OMF object and library file format. Microsoft's 32 bit tools work with Microsoft's own variant of the COFF format. Microsoft often updates import libraries that provide access to system DLLs. These import libraries are in COFF format, but they need to be in OMF format to work with the Digital Mars linker. The coffimplib tool will convert them to OMF format.

coffimplib inlib[.lib] [outfile[.def|.lib]] [-f] [-(i|e|l)] [-v]
inlib Import library in COFF format
outfile Output file, either module definition file (.def) or OMF import library (.lib)
-e Generate export list in module definition file.
-i Generate import list in module definition file.
-l Generate import library in OMF format (default).
-f Write output file even if it overwrites inlib.
-v Pretty print contents of import library inlib.

For example, to convert user32.lib from COFF to OMF:

coffimplib user32.lib -f
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