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Last update Mon Aug 5 20:07:52 2013
There are several free downloads available for the Digital Mars C++ compiler. All files are in ZIP format.

For support please check the newsgroups at news.digitalmars.com.

C and C++ Compiler Packages

  • Get the Development System with the complete package on it (over 300Mb of development tools!)
    • C and C++ compilers
    • Support for Win32, Win16, DOS16 and DOS32 all in one package.
    • Integrated development and debugging environment (IDDE).
    • Documentation in browsable HTML format.
    • Tutorials and sample code.
    • Extensive set of related tools like resource compiler, object disassembler, librarian, resource editors, make, etc.
    • Complete library source, including floating point.
    • Command line versions as well as GUI versions of tools.
    • STL, STLport and STLSoft.
    • See Features.
  • Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler Version 8.57 (3662658 bytes) (NEW!)
    • Win32 console versions of the tools
    • C and C++ compilers
    • Optlink Linker
    • Librarian
    • Standard and Win32 header files
    • Runtime linkable libraries
    • Does not come with a debugger, but works with the Symantec or Microsoft debuggers
    • MicroEmacs for Win32
    • To use <iostream> and other STL code, download STLport 4.5.3 as well
  • DOS 16 libraries (646,000 bytes)
    Add on to above compiler to enable development of 16 bit DOS programs.
    • Runtime linkable libraries for 16 bit DOS
    • .COM generation tools
    • MicroEmacs for DOS
  • 32 bit DOS extender libraries Version 8.31 (189,000 bytes)
    Add on to above compiler to enable development of 32 bit DOS extended programs.
    • Runtime linkable libraries for 32 bit DOS extender
    • X32 dos extender is available as a separate download.
    • MicroEmacs for DOS32
  • Basic Utilities (262,000 bytes)
    Add on utilities for C and C++ compiler.
    • bcc Convert Borland bcc command line to Digital Mars DMC
    • cl Convert Microsoft cl command line to Digital Mars DMC
    • implib Import librarian
    • rcc Resource compiler
    • shell Simple shell
  • Extended Utilities Package
    Extended utilities for C, C++ and D compilers.
    • chmod Change/list file attributes
    • coff2omf Convert COFF object and lib files to OMF
    • diff Compare text files
    • diffdir Compare directory trees
    • dump Dump files
    • dumpexe Dump executable files
    • dumpobj Dump object files
    • flpyimg Read/Write floppy disk image
    • grep Search files for strings
    • libunres Scan libraries for unresolved externals
    • makedep Makefile dependency generator
    • obj2asm Object file disassembler
    • patchobj Patch object files
    • smake Advanced make program
    • whereis Search for files
  • C and C++ Compiler Source Code
    Source code for the C and C++ compilers.
    • Source code for C and C++ compiler executable, scppn.exe
    • Source code for C and C++ preprocessor executable, sppn.exe
    • Source code for C header to D import executable, htodn.exe
  • STLport 4.5.3 (2,022,541 bytes) (NEW!)
    STLport 4.5.3 ported to Digital Mars C++ (requires Digital Mars C++ 8.32 or later)
  • STLSoft 1.8.1 (4,262,000 bytes) (NEW!)
    STLSoft for Digital Mars C++ (requires Digital Mars C++ 8.41 or later)
  • STLSoft 1.6.5 (2,708,000 bytes)
    STLSoft for Digital Mars C++ (requires Digital Mars C++ 8.35 or later)
  • Garbage Collector (700,000 bytes)
    Hans Boehm garbage collector for C and C++ compiler.
    • gc.h Header file
    • gc.lib Linkable library
    • gc.dll Runtime collector DLL
    • src\gc Complete source code

Updates for Digital Mars Development Systems

Upgrading from previous Digital Mars Development Systems is easy:
  1. Xcopy the Digital Mars CD to the hard disk.
  2. Download the necessary update files below.
  3. Apply the updates in sequence by unzipping the updates and overwriting the previous versions of the files.
  4. Note that starting with version 8.50, the Development System is a download rather than a CD.

Compiler Test Versions

  • beta test C++ Compiler Version 8.53 (900,000 bytes) (NEW!)
    This compiler includes fixes for various reported problems. It will eventually get folded into the main release. If you're having a problem with the compiler, check this out first.


The Banker's Suite

The Banker's Suite