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What is DMDScript?

DMDScript is Digital Mars' implementation of the ECMA 262 scripting language. Netscape's implementation is called JavaScript, Microsoft's implementation is called JScript. DMDScript is a very fast compared with other implementations, which you can verify with the included benchmark.

DMDScript is implemented in the D Programming Language. (A C++ implementation is also available.)

Note: DMDScript is not the D Programming Language, nor is it Java.

Here is the ECMAscript FAQ.

Key Benefits of DMDScript in D

Installing DMDScript

Download DMDScript.

Standalone Console Version of DMDScript

ds with no arguments will compile and run the dscript file test.ds. With an argument, it will compile & run that file:
ds sieve
will compile and run sieve.ds. The .ds is the default extension.

The console version has some additional builtin functions available:

Get and return value of environment variable string.
Print string to stdout.
Print string to stdout followed by a newline.
Read and return an input line from stdin, not including the newline.

Differences Between DMDScript (Digital Mars), Jscript (Microsoft) and Javascript (Netscape)

goto Statement

DMDScript implements the goto label; statement, like in C. goto is not part of the ECMA 262 v3 standard.

assert() Function

DMDScript implements the assert() function property of the Global Object. assert() throws a RuntimeError exception. If there is an argument to assert(), that argument is converted to a Boolean and a RuntimeError exception is thrown if the argument is false.

__proto__ Property

Javascript supports the __proto__ property. Neither ECMA nor Jscript nor DMDScript supports it.

Conditional Compilation

JScript's conditional compilation statements are not supported by DMDScript, Javascript, nor ECMA.

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