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digitalmars.D.announce - Wed night meeting for Seattle D-heads

A small group of us like to meet once a month for the NWCPP meetings at 
Microsoft, and then we go out for beers and argue about D, programming, movies, 
and any other idiot things that come to mind.

I suspect that there may be a few of you in the area who may not know about 
this, so feel free to join in.

Welcome to 2013!! I would like to welcome Jeff Tucker as our presenter for the 
January meeting. Pizza is being provided by Randstad Technologies.

Time and Location:

January 16, 2013, Microsoft Campus building 40 Steptoe. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT 
OUR NORMAL MEETING ROOM!!! The presentation will start at 7:00 PM.

Title: Metadata and reflection in C++

A robust reflection/metadata system in C++ can be extremely powerful and has 
many applications, particularly in game programming.  It can facilitate 
sophisticated debug output and logging, trivial factory implementation, 
automatic serialization and deserialization for any arbitrary object, automatic 
binding to a GUI system, and even automatic binding of objects and function to
scripting language (both Lua and Python are popular).  The typeinfo/RTTI system 
currently in C++ however is simply not up to this level of functionality, so a 
more sophisticated solution is necessary.  In this talk, I will implement a 
simple, yet powerful, meta reflection system in C++, completely from scratch, 
and using test-driven development.  I will also show how I leverage a similar 
system in my own game engine.  Finally, I promise there will be no more than 
three PowerPoint slides.

Jeff Tucker is a lecturer of Computer Science at DigiPen Institute of 
Technology, where he teaches classes on networking, databases, programming, and 
software engineering.  He has been a software engineer for the past 13 years
formerly worked at Microsoft on the Windows Core Networking team.  He also 
currently does research in procedural content generation and graphics
as well as making computer games.


Jan 15 2013