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digitalmars.D.announce - TinyRedis 1.2.1 has been released

For those who dont know, TinyRedis is a redis driver for the D2. 
It is :

- a feature complete implementation of the Redis protocol
- simple and documented, with examples
- unit tested
- in active development

This release includes a bug fix that allows clients to send Lua 
scripts to Redis. I've added a little helper function to make 
EVALs straightforward, plus the usual bug fixes, doc improvements 
and more unit tests.

Github doesn't offer downloads any more, so all downloads now 
point to the zipped version of the git master. This means i dont 
know how many people are downloading my code. If you're using 
this library for work or play leave a message on the forum!


Feedback & bug fixes on github.
Jan 14 2013