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digitalmars.D - Product Versioning Microservices

I go into microservices engineering in view of docker and I have 
3 microservices, which together make one item for instance "CRM 

Presently I need my customer to have the capacity to update his 
item, at whatever point he needs to. I have 3 distinct renditions 
of my microservices, which one should customer see? I figure item 
form ought to be autonomous of microservices, since duplicating 
one of the microservices variant would raise me go into more hell 
than having no rendition by any stretch of the imagination.

So is there any example, thought to deal with such circumstance?

The main thing that rings a bell is to have another store which 
will be formed at whatever point one of the microservices 
https://mindmajix.com/microservices-training will deliver 
generation prepared bundle. Nonetheless, I currently have a form, 
which none of my Product Owners (PO) could ever think about.
May 27 2018