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digitalmars.D - Database rollback


Due to an error during emergency server maintenance yesterday, 
some data was deleted. This includes forum.dlang.org and 
wiki.dlang.org databases.

I managed to recover the MySQL databases, so wiki.dlang.org 
should work as before. Unfortunately, the last working backup of 
the forum.dlang.org database is from March 11. (Normally, we have 
hourly off-site backups of everything, but this data was excluded 
from backups due to a misconfiguration introduced during another 
emergency server maintenance...)

As a result, all account changes (new accounts, subscriptions, 
read post history...) since March 11 have been lost, and will 
need to be recreated. Forum posts are not affected, as they are 
not stored elsewhere.

If you are missing some data and don't have a copy elsewhere, let 
me know and I'll see if I can recover it from other sources (like 

Apologies for the inconvenience.
May 27 2018