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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.8.3 beta 1 available

From http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html

Contains lots of new/improved stuff, including:

    new ACESTL sub-project
    new RangeLib components
    new UNIXSTL & WinSTL stuff, e.g. path canonicalisation in the 'path'

It's also been treated to the new automated unittesting infrastructure,
such that all components have been tested for all compatible compilers
on both Win32 and UNIX. The unit test cpp files and makefiles are
available as a separate download.

Finally, note that there are directory structure changes:

    1. new files are now going to have the form
<stlsoft/scoped_handle.hpp>, rather than stlsoft_scoped_handle.h

    2. the library files are entirely isolated in their own tree, and
all samples/test/unittest/extras/help etc will be in separate
directories. (You can't see this from the beta, since it only contains
the library files anyway)



P.S. Now on to recls, Open-RJ, and all the other libraries which've been 
held back by 1.8.3
Mar 01 2005