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digitalmars.D - wxWidget s/ wxD reloaded, stand still, stalled, dead ?

Hi Andrej,
what is the status quo regarding your automated wxWidgets bindings 
generation ? Your last message sounds pretty optimistic, so what's the 
matter ?

Is the wxc (C++ to C) part working, but you still can work around the 
Multiple Inheritance problem to generated wxD ?

Then it seems that /mixin templates + Interfaces/ as well as /alias 
this/ completely fail to mimic MI.

Or are you waiting for 2.9.4 ?

well, frankly,  I am only guessing. Would be nice if you can tell a bit 
about show stoppers, unsolvable problems, etc.

However in case that the C++ to C doxygen based generator is working... 
why not sharing ?
TIA Bjoern
May 04 2012