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digitalmars.D.learn - Broken Hyperlinks on the Web server.

reply "0b1100110" <0b1100110 gmail.com> writes:

And it makes me sad, because it's one of the ones that I wanted
to read.
All of the other ones look fine.

If anyone has it or wants to share it, that'd be cool with me.

And whoever designed this webforum, I thank you for not dropping 
my session immediately when you server realized I gave it an 
impossibly fake email address.

Purely force of habit.
Nov 19 2012
parent "0b1100110" <0b1100110 gmail.com> writes:
Dangit! I sat there for a few minutes trying to remember what I 
and I remember the very instant that it's too late.

The D webservers are also forcing me to click a button to go 

I mean like firefox thinks that your entire site is a popup, and 
it's trying to protect me.

"Firefox prevented this page from automatically redirecting you 
to another page.  (Click Here)"

Firefox, had you said that any other time, It would have made my 
But we both know I clicked that button,  It's ok.
Nov 19 2012