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digitalmars.D.ide - non-installed dmd running in CodeBlocks

When I say non-installed dmd, Im referring to keeping all of dmd 
contained in the folder that it comes in and not putting any of 
it in system paths. I dont believe that the Linux practice of 
having everything compiled through the console is a good thing. I 
want to be able to use different D compilers without having to 
worry about clashing with eachother whatever the package manager 
and repo maintainers put into the D compiler system dependencies 
(Im using Mint 13 btw, and lcd is currently broken).

OK, in CodeBlocks I go to "settings>compiler and debugger 
settings" and in the dropdown menu at top I choose "Digital Mars 
D compiler" and then in the compiler installation directory box I 
enter /home/me/dmd which is the path of the dmd-tango folder I 
downloaded. I then click the auto detect button. Below that I 
change "dynamic linker" and "static linker" to dmd. I then go to 
the linker tab and add "libtango-dmd" (Im not sure this is right, 
if you havent guessed by now Im just an amateur programmer). Now 
in the "search directories" tab I click the "compiler" sub-tab 
and put in the path of the dmd folder /home/me/dmd and then in 
the "linker" tab I add /home/me/dmd/import (Im really guessing 
here, I dont know if this is right). Now in "Project>build 
options" I click the linker tab and enter 

Thats it. Now when I click the build button on the little D 
project I have I only get one small error: "-o no longer 
supported, use of or od". Can anyone help me with this? Im hoping 
I just have to change the flags
Aug 11 2012