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digitalmars.D.ide - Visual D 0.3.25 released


time for a new release of Visual D, this one without outstanding new 
features, but a number of small improvements:

2011-06-19 Version 0.3.25

* fixed version information of the DLL
* error list: warnings are no longer shown as errors
* project name added to buildlog.html to allow multiple projects with 
the same intermediate dir
* fixed highlighting of version(unittest) and debug without identifier
* friendlier error message if debug executable or working dir do not exist
* reduced parsing thread priority to interfere less with editing
* adjusted vsi2d to build with the latest VS2010 SDK
* Visual D now builds with DMD 2.053
* moved from std.date to std.datetime to fix some time displays
* moved outlining into parse thread to reduce delays when editing large 
* added warning to library search path settings
* d-files now set to UTF8 encoding if not already marked by BOM
* fixed transparent window frame around dialogs in VS2010
* added drag'n'drop of project folders
* added support for "Stop Outlining" and "Toggle All Outlining"
* tweaked outlining for multi-dimensional arrays and token strings
* build order of custom/resource compilations now sorted by dependencies
* project items now sorted alphabetically
* fixed a few more issues with relative paths causing a source file to 
be opened twice in the editor

Visual D provides seamless integration of the D programming language 
into Visual Studio. It can be downloaded here: 

Jun 19 2011