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digitalmars.D.ide - [IDE pr0n] Hack DMD in Coedit

A small promotion video that shows several aspects of my IDE 
through a short hack of DMD. The hack consists of a warning on 
partial static array initialization.

video: http://sendvid.com/c00x7nps


1/ Custom tools

DMD is build with a user defined tool[1]. A shell script that 
builds DMD and Phobos is launched.

2/ Completion

DMD is a makefile project. It's not supported as a Coedit project 
so to get DCD completion, the path to the sources must be added 
to the libman[2].
Also i use the integrated file explorer since the project 
inspector is useless here.

3/ Compiler Paths

The hack is tested directly in the IDE. This is possible thanks 
to the feature allowing to define several D compilers[3] and to 
select which one is used in a particular context. The context 
here is the "runnable modules" [4]. I can test the hack in a 
module that's even not saved.

[1] http://bbasile.github.io/Coedit/widgets_custom_tools
[2] http://bbasile.github.io/Coedit/widgets_library_manager
[3] http://bbasile.github.io/Coedit/options_compilers_paths
[4] http://bbasile.github.io/Coedit/features_runnables
May 11 2017