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digitalmars.D.announce - Some LiberOffice lessons

Fount through Reddit, how they have managed to manage the very 
large LibreOffice code base:



(Page 12 of the PDF talks about more powerful static checking. 
Things to learn for everyone! Clang helps.)

One of the tools they suggest is Gerrit, for "permission free 



The purpose of Gerrit is to speed up the code review, allowing to 
approve or reject the changes faster:

Gerrit is deployed in place of this central repository and adds 
an additional concept, a store of pending changes. Everyone 
still fetches from the authoritative repository but instead of 
pushing back to it, they push to this pending changes location. 
A change can only be submitted into the authoritative repository 
and become an accepted part of the project once the change has 
been reviewed and approved.<
Currently the main bottleneck of the D development seems to be the merging of patches (http://forum.dlang.org/thread/hllgumyacmdfmzqjejfv forum.dlang.org ), so maybe this tool will help. The article also discusses a little about "bi-bisect", and the use of those ideas allows this developing strategy:
The approach TDF is using is so open and so rapid that -- 
despite the high rate of change for the code -- the low-process 
environment, rapid build approach, and rapid release timeline 
together mean new bugs are fixed fast.<
Bye, bearophile
Feb 16 2013