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digitalmars.D.announce - My D code is now on Github at nordlow/justd!


I've just uploaded a bunch of D code I've been working the recent 
year at

It includes various kinds of
- Non-In-Place Radix Sort: intsort.d
- Clever Printing of Groups of arrays/slices: show.d
- Boyer Moore Hoorspool Search: horspool.d
- Symbol Regex (Structured Regular Expressions similar to Elisps 
rx): sregex.d
- extension to Phobos (often ending with _ex.d)
- A compile-time sized variant of bitarray.d i call bitset.d
- An N-Gram implementation (many nested for loops): ngram.d
- A wrapper for bounded types: bound.d
- Computer Science Units: csunits.d
- Enhanced NotNull: notnull.d
- A structured wrapper for sha calculations: sha.d
- a bunch of various D sample code starting with t_.
   It should probably moved to test directory.
- and more
- Copies for various extension I copied from other repos.
- Open/LibreOffice file that includes various kinds of comments 
and suggestions for improvements to D's build process.

Please tell me if did something wrong regarding copyright and 

Feb 24 2014