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digitalmars.D.announce - A fix for Windows 5.x loader to correctly work with TLS data in dynamically

It was supposed to be a New Year gift (which nobody needs of course) for 
all Windows XP users (not only D ones) but I finally have understood I 
have no time for good public announce with project page etc.

So I just want to tell there is a full fix for Windows 5.x loader.

It works on my Windows XP, probably will work on other similar systems 
and probably will not work on Windows Server 2003/Windows XP x64 as I 
have no time for test and finish off it now.

* Written in D.
* Compiles in DLL which fixes for owning process Windows 5.x loader to 
correctly work with TLS data in dynamically loaded DLL-s.
* So you have the ability to fix every program just with injecting a DLL 
in it (there is no administrator rights required for such operation on 
Windows 5.x).
* Doesn't use D runtime.
* DLL size is 52 KiB (thanks to previous point).

* One mustn't unload fixing DLL as it will result in undefined 
behaviour. Auto-preventing unloading is trivial but isn't done yet. ((
* It also doesn't need C runtime, but I haven't managed to link it 
without snn.dll yet so buggy runtime from DigitalMars is included and 
executes its evil code. (
* There is also a utility for injecting a DLL into a process in same 
hooking project but I failed find enough time to fight all the 
regressions and link failures of dmd and optlink so the utility can't be 
built now (it worked fine some time ago...). (((((

If somebody really needs this feel free to email me/post here to force 
me to find time to continue development and finish off the utility.

* Binary (7-zipped DLL):
* Source code:
* Information about implicit TLS and Windows loader:
* Microsoft's KB article about the problem:

Денис В. Шеломовский
Denis V. Shelomovskij
Feb 10 2013