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digitalmars.D - Suggestions regarding writing proposal for GSoC

Greetings everyone!

I think it would be better to introduce myself first. I'm Iti 
Shree, sophomore pursuing Information and Technology. I did 
participated and completed GSoC last year with apertus 
Association, but this year I intended to learn something new.

I have previously worked with C (my last year project was in C) 
and C++. However I yet have to learn D (hopefully if everything 
is right I will be good in that too in near future!).

I'm mostly interested in mir project, and I read Sebastian on 
different thread. So, I think I would like to write two proposal 
one for mir-cpuid (about which Ilya told me to look into OpenBLAS 
for understanding how they are getting cache sizes) and ndslice 
integration with numpy (I have yet to understand much about both).

It would be very useful to know what things mentors would like 
students to cover in their proposal since we only know very 
little right now. However, what I feel is to write proposal with 
information I'll get in upcoming week (before April 9) and work 
more on understanding the project after submitting the proposal. 
I would love to hear your suggestions.

Mar 30 2019