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digitalmars.D - Smart object container

Hello everyone,

I'm working on an application which needs to use many predefined 
structures/classes, (Can be any of both actually) to unpack 
external data over these.

Based on the data I receive, I'd need to look up for the ID of 
the structure/class
I wish to use to unpack it.

So the main need is to be able to have access to the structure 
matching the ID within the data received.

The way I go about this for now is by forging an AA of the 
structures/objects that'll be used to unpack data.


With each class instance being associated with it's class ID.

This poses several issues when it comes to casting the Object 
In case this is a decent direction, I'm also able to grab all 
structure/class names at compile time.

Let me know your suggestions, greatly appreciate :)
Mar 26 2013