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digitalmars.D - Re: integer division with float result

Bill Baxter:
 I think it'd be nice to have / do float division, and 
 introduce another operator (like python's //) for truncated integer 
 division.  But I think Walter is too entrenched in C-ish ways to see any 
 value in changing how it works.  Python is changing because it wants to 
 be newbie/scientist friendly above all else.  D merely wants to be 
 easier to use than C++.

Pascal uses / and div, and it's a good enough syntax. (If operators get changed, then replacing && with and, || with or, etc (and maybe even | with OR, & with AND, etc), may be newbie friendly too. Even Python keeps those cryptic & | ~ ^ maybe because if you need them you can't be too much newbie). Bye, bearophile
Nov 19 2007