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digitalmars.D - Re: favorite GUI lib for D

Bill Baxter Wrote:

 I've yet to see any GUI app written in D that was more than a toy.
 Has anyone written a serious GUI app in D?

I am currently porting a software that queries industrial Analog/digital IO modules and displays/logs the responses. It basically just needs a list of IP-adresses and then queries each station for its modules. Every station gets a tab of a notebook with its modules on. The original was written in Delphi, but I need cross platform. FreePascal/Lazarus don't fly, dmd&wxD do. Porting the non-visual objects was my first exercise in D, now the visuals are a bit more complicated, because the Delphi stuff had absolute coordinates and such, lacking sizers. But in total it is usable, if you ignore the file sizes of the executables. The Delphi sources have some 2k lines and include TCP/IP communication and threads. Up to you if you call that a toy project. Ciao Tom
Sep 16 2007