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digitalmars.D - Re: D Conference Tango Phobos

kris Wrote:
 That is so refreshing to hear some *constructive* criticism! You make a 
 number of valuable points: I think your suggestions make an enormous 
 amount of sense, and will be encouraging this to happen as you describe. 
 I wrote the IO chapter, so I know the guilty party there :p

Writing documentation is, after teaching, the second most frustrating thing in the world. Back in university I tried to hammer knowledge into students, now I try to teach the apparentices in the company I work for. The thought "they cannot all be f***g stupid, it must be me" occured to me more than once. The trick of good teaching is to listen at what point the pupil gets lost, and why. But I am getting off-topic. Ciao Tom
Sep 16 2007