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digitalmars.D - Re: Range Type

A range type can be used in many situations:
- You can iterate lazily on a interval, like the foreach in D 2.x, foreach(i;
0..10) {} or foreach(i; 'a'..'z'+1) {} (currently I use xrange() and
cinterval() for those things, cinterval is closed on the right).
- You can create a range of values inside an array (currently I use a range()
function for this), like arr[] = 0..arr.length.
- You can test if a value is in an interval: (5 in 0..1000) (currently 'in'
method of xrange).
- You may be able to define variables that assume only a limited range of
integrals/ASCII chars (this is for safety, like in Pascal. The compiler must
add run-time controls to be sure you can't go outside the bounds).

Mar 28 2008