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digitalmars.D - Re: Arrays

Walter Bright:
 That is just a fixable wart, not a fundamental issue.

I agree. But those things are part of the "User Interface". So even if such bugs are on the surface of the language, and they don't touch deep things, they are the first things seen by all programmers (not just the newbies). It's like having a good program with a bad & slow GUI: they slow down coding, make code uglier, and generally decrease the pleasure in using the language, and sometimes they increase the bug count. So I think fixing 10-15 things like that one (in D 1.x too) is a good way to improve how all people see the language. For example the missing of the == operator among AAs or static arrays looks like a pair of those UI bugs/warts. Bye, bearophile
Mar 28 2008