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reply Orkhan <pirokinetik live.ru> writes:
Hello All!

We have a multiplayer game website which uses D programming 
language for server side instant interactions. I need someone 
professional who is able to make some changes on request. We are 
the company and we will allocate money for these tasks. It is not 
only one time task , we are seeking person who is able to work 
with us for a long time. Please contact or type on this thread 
who interested.

KinD Regards
Feb 09 2017
parent reply Suliman <evermind live.ru> writes:
Do you have skype?
I familiar with vibed and vue.js
Feb 09 2017
parent reply Orkhan <pirokinetik live.ru> writes:
On Thursday, 9 February 2017 at 18:21:42 UTC, Suliman wrote:
 Do you have skype?
 I familiar with vibed and vue.js
please add my skype : alioutlawz (profile pic is red flower) email is : pirokinetik live.ru
Feb 09 2017
parent sarn <sarn theartofmachinery.com> writes:
I do consulting based in Sydney.  Feel free to contact me if you 
ever need any more help.
sarn theartofmachinery.com
Feb 09 2017