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digitalmars.D - Life is better with community automation

I just watched this talk "Life is better with Rust's community 
automation" by E. Dunham

Video: https://youtu.be/dIageYT0Vgg
Blog post: 
(Not the same talk, but very close and by the correct 

Some of the 2017 H1 vision [0] concerns "Improve process 
(release, DIPs, deprecations/enhancements)" and "Improve 
operational efficiency". So community automation fits the agenda.

I guess most people are roughly aware of the Rust tooling (bors, 
highfive, etc). Somethings are replicated with D, but we don't 
anthropomorphize [1] our tools.

One thing, I did not know yet was the Servo Starters website [2]. 
Servo is not Rust itself, but its biggest "demo" project. The 
starters website is for newbies, who would like to contribute a 
little. It maintains a list of open issues for newbies and 
filters them a little.

With D, we just point people to the wiki [3]. Maybe this approach 
would be a little more inviting?

[0] https://wiki.dlang.org/Vision/2017H1
[1] https://auto-tester.puremagic.com/
[2] https://starters.servo.org/
[3] https://wiki.dlang.org/Get_involved
Feb 08 2017