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digitalmars.D - Some starter code for an operating system

Hi Everyone, 
  Earlier this year I started writing an operating system using D.
It uses a 
microkernel design, and is targeted at x86 PCs. I had lots of great
plans for 
the operating system, but I never got them even close to being
realized. At the 
moment, I've stopped working on it with no plans to continue,
so I decided to 
release what source code I had already made. 
 It basically
has just 4 parts that are finished/working: 
 1) An interface to be loaded by a
multiboot compatible boot loader 
 2) A text driver 
 3) A memory manager which
uses paging and can keep track of 4GB of memory. 
(simple reservation system,
kmalloc, etc.) 
 4) A tool for automatically creating a bochs hard drive image
after each 
compile, which allows for very fast testing. 
 Anyhow, if you're
interested, you can download it here:
I don't claim to be a
great programmer, and this was my first operating system. 
Nonetheless, I feel
it may be helpful to someone. 
P.S. The last compiler I used for this was
either DMD 0.92 or 0.93 - perhaps 
you might get some new compiler
errors/warning due to deprecated features. 
Also, the Makefiles are all set up
for Linux. It would be a lot of work to get 
this to compile on Windows. 
Jul 18 2004