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digitalmars.D - Re: Big Integers Online

Following Stewart Gordon's suggestions, the copy constructor and the dup()
function have been removed from the Int class (Ints are immutable, so
copy-by-value is never needed), and constructors have been added for conversion
from long, ulong, float, double and real.

Following my own suggestions, this lib now defines a new type, Bool, which
stores a true boolean value and which will not auto-cast to or from int. All Int
functions which return or accept boolean values now utilise Bool (except
opEquals(), obviously).

Thanks to Brad, I seem now to have access to a dsource project for Deimos, which
now includes the classes Int and Bool. But it seems I have a lot to learn.
Though I've used CVS before (dsource uses Subversion) I've not got to learn all
about trunks, branches, tags and so forth. I'm going to take my time over this,
because I don't want to get it wrong, so - I shall probably not be ready for a
few more days. But come next weekend, hey, who knows?

Jun 02 2004