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digitalmars.D - DManager Beta 2 - Please download and test

Some new features:

- You can now add a file which doesnt actually exist.  It will not 
create it until you actually edit it though.

- Build Versioning is in!  Go to project->settings and add versions 
using the version button.  They will become a submenu when you right 
click a project.  Just enable the ones you need.

- Conditional compilation.  In the project context menu(right click 
project), there is a "Full Build" checked item.  Uncheck this and 
DManager will only build object files which are older than their source 
counterparts.  Right clicking a source file and choosing compile will 
always compile it, however.

- Fixed a bug pointed out by rsl in which some editors(notepad) would 
not show their window. (How did that thread divert to Visual studio..)

This version breaks the project files from the previous version, so 
recreate them.  The project files(and possibly workspace) will most 
likely become XML based in the future to avoid this.

-David A Medlock.

PS. Anyone with skill creating 16x16 icons please email me(below)!
ashleymedlock at yahoo dot com
Mar 07 2005