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digitalmars.D - [Performance] Writing to a Raid-0

reply "Manfred Nowak" <svv1999 hotmail.com> writes:
On my DualRaidMachine running under WinXPPro I recognized that a copy of a
2GB-File from one raid to the other using the WinXP-copy achieved  around 60

Writing to the same raid with writeExact from the streams-module and
null-filled buffers with varying sizes achieved only 4 MB/s.

The cp-command from cygwin also achieved only 4 MB/s when copying the same 2

Is there a special command that has to be used under WinXP?

Jan 05 2005
parent "Manfred Nowak" <svv1999 hotmail.com> writes:
Thanks for all the hints that reached this thread :-)

The depicted mysterious behaviour seems to have had its roots in an outdated

Jan 14 2005