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c++.windows.32-bits - Help with link crash

Hi all and a happy new year.

I need some help tracking down a link.exe (?) crash while trying to
build a DMC version of Watt-32 (Win32 target). I'm not fully sure if
it is DMC's link.exe or Borland's maker.exe that is crashing. Here is the 
output prior to the crash:

MAKE Version 3.7  Copyright (c) 1987, 1994 Borland International

Available memory 313936 bytes

        d:\prog\dmc\bin\link  MAKE0000.   

INTERRUPT 0DH, GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT      possible illegal address
error code = 0000
eax = 00023E00      esi = 000200C7      flags = 3246        ds = 017F
ebx = FAB30005      edi = 000000C0      eip = 00003E2C      es = 01C7
ecx = 00000000      ebp = 00C09FFF      cs = 019F           fs = 01AF
edx = 00000000      esp = 000000D2      ss = 017F           gs = 0000
** error 1 ** deleting ..\lib\wattcpd_imp.lib


Note: The link step is generated from the command:
..\lib\wattcpd_imp.lib: $(OBJS) $(ZLIB_OBJS)
       $(DIGMARS)\bin\link  &&|
         $(OBJS), ..\bin\watt-32.dll, ..\bin\watt-32.map,
         user32.lib kernel32.lib advapi32.lib
         -implib ..\lib\wattcpd_imp.lib
         -noignorecase -map:full

More notes: I've used Borland's maker since I've not yet figured out the
digital mars
(s)make syntax. Watt-32 is my DOS/Win32 tcp/ip stack available at 

Anybody willing to try the same should install Watt-32 and perform these steps
(from it's INSTALL instructions);
- set DIGMARS=<digmars_install_root_dir>
- configur.bat DIGMARS
- maker dmars_w.mak

Help with converting the makefile to DMC's (s)make would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Jan 02 2007