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c++.windows.32-bits - Announcing ZionEdit - built with DMC and wxWidgets

This is an announcement that a new editor is in town.
Built with the DMC 8.44.6 and wxWidgets-2.6.3.
This a Scintilla based, actually wxSTC (with several mods) based editor.
Why a new editor? This is an editor that breaks the mold and gives
programmers intuitive and powerful functions to get their editing task
done. It is distributed freely under the Artistic License and available
at sourceforge: http://zionedit.sourceforge.net.
Languages supported:
C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, HTML(and PHP etc), Python, Ruby, Lisp, ASM,
Fortran9x, Fortran77, Batch File, Makefile.
Latest version is 1.0.4 (stable).

This is not an IDE, but a great multi-purpose editor, that will run
great from a flash drive or install without writing to the registry on
a desktop.

With its Multi-Window, IPC based design, ZionEdit will "scale" very,
very nicely across multi-monitors or huge LCD screens. Check it out!

Feb 23 2007