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c++.windows.32-bits - Problem converting uuid.lib from COFF to OMF

This message is directed to Walter and anyone else who maintains on the Digital
Mars C++ source code.

I posted earlier about the problem with undefined symbols and the Microsoft
Platform SDK...

The file uuid.lib contains the symbols that are not being carried across when
coff2omf is run.

I decided to try to determine just what is happening, so I wrote a batch file to
extract the 1,157 .obj files that are contained in uuid.lib then run coff2omf on
each file.

This is where I believe the problem is...  coff2omf ignored any file that had a
base name length of more than 11 characters (15 chars if you include the

Walter, would you please be so kind as to check on this?  It could not be that
much work to modify coff2omf to handle longer file names.

Thank you,
Roger Scudder
Mar 20 2006