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c++.windows.32-bits - Using new Windows Platform SDK

reply "Matt Morgan" <geckofood yahoo.com> writes:
I finally bit the bullet and followed Christof Meerwald's directions for
using the latest platform SDK with DMC++. I am not using *the* latest, but
one from February 2003 (it's the one I happened to download a while back). I
followed the directions carefully, and have run into a problem post-mortem.

Now that I have applied all of the patches, updates, conversions, lit
incense and sacrificed a rabbit on the altar, I have noticed that I cannot
compile the Win32 sample code. Also, it seems to have broken the MFC samples
and even what is generated by the appexpress wizard will not compile without
error. Usually, it's "Needs explicit cast" type of stuff, but there is the
occasional "Missing header" and "Missing .lib".

My question is simply this - did I do something wrong, or should I expect to
retool a few things?

I was able to get one of the examples compiled - I believe it was the Win32
process monitor. However, that was it.

I am on a Win2K box.
Jul 17 2004
parent "Matt Morgan" <geckofood yahoo.com> writes:
Nevermind... Operator bonehead error. *sigh*
Jul 17 2004