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c++.windows.32-bits - using windbg for pthread debugging

I ran hello.exe under windbg and I got an access violation:

address 10007a26 is blowing up... I will try to make this sample smaller, but
it's quite difficult.

10007a10 53               push    ebx
10007a11 8b5c2408         mov     ebx,[esp+0x8]
10007a15 8b03             mov     eax,[ebx]
10007a17 56               push    esi
10007a18 3b4104           cmp     eax,[ecx+0x4]
10007a1b 7713             ja PTHREAD!RTLMultiPool::SelectFree+0x20 (10007a30)
10007a1d 8d50ff           lea     edx,[eax-0x1]
10007a20 c1ea03           shr     edx,0x3
10007a23 53               push    ebx
10007a24 8b31             mov     esi,[ecx]
10007a26 8b0c96           mov     ecx,[esi+edx*4]   ds:0023:80790008=????????
10007a29 e89e100000       call    PTHREAD!RTLPool::Free (10008acc)
10007a2e eb0c            jmp PTHREAD!RTLMultiPool::SelectFree+0x2c (10007a3c)
10007a30 8b0d80d70010     mov     ecx,[PTHREAD!RTLHeap::pMainHeap (1000d780)]
10007a36 53               push    ebx
10007a37 e838200000       call    PTHREAD!RTLHeap::Free (10009a74)
10007a3c 5e               pop     esi
10007a3d 5b               pop     ebx
10007a3e c20400           ret     0x4
10007a41 cc               int     3
10007a42 cc               int     3
10007a43 cc               int     3
Jun 29 2004