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c++.windows.32-bits - DM import library builder for use with w32api DEF files

I doubt it generates complete or correct import libs, but
it's a start.  Perl required, although sed would probably
have sufficed.  Implib must be in the path.  Probably won't
run on Windows 9x/Me due to limited command.com, although
the generated libraries would work fine on 9x/Me.


begin 666 dmlib.bat
M0&5C:&\ ;V9F#0I214T 1$1+(&-A;B=T(&)E('-U<'!O<G1E9"!B96-A=7-E
M($1-(&EM<&QI8B!D;V5S;B=T('5N9&5R<W1A;F0 86)O=70 (BXB(&EN(&QI
M8G)A<GD ;F%M92X-"E)%32!2=6X =&AI<R!B871C:"!F:6QE(&9R;VT =&AE
M('<S,F%P:2TR+C0 9&ER96-T;W)Y(&9R;VT =&AE('-O=7)C92!T87)B86QL
M#0H-"E)%32!U;F1O('!R979I;W5S(')U;BP :68 86YY#0IF;W( )25F(&EN
M("AL:6)<*BYD968N8F%K*2!D;R!M;W9E("4E9B E)7YP;F8-" T*4D5-(&UO
M9&EF>2!T:&4 1$5&(&9I;&5S(&EN+7!L86-E("UE(")S+UY<<RHH.RXJ*3\D
M+R\[(B  (" M92 B<R\[+BHO+SLB#0IF;W( )25F(&EN("AL:6)<*BYD968I
M(&1O('!E<FP +7  +6DN8F%K("UE(")S+UY,24)205)9(%PB/R N*BE<+D1,
M3%PB/R0O3$E"4D%262 D,2]I.R( +64 (G,O7EQS*BA;7D!<<UTK*2A 7%,K
M*3\D+U\D,20R/20Q+R!U;FQE<W, +UY,24)205)97'-\7D584$]25%-<<RHD
M?%Y<<RH[+SLB("4E9 T*#0I214T 9V5N97)A=&4 =&AE(&EM<&]R="!L:6)R
M87)I97, *&%S<W5M97, 1$T :6UP;&EB(&ES(&EN('1H92!P871H(&%H96%D
M(&]F(&]T:&5R(&EM<&QI8G,I#0IF;W( )25F(&EN("AL:6)<*BYD968I(&1O
 (&EM<&QI8B O;F]I("]B("4E?G!N9BYL:6( )25F#0H`
Jan 20 2004