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c++.windows.32-bits - Curious about DirectX import libs

Hi all,

I've been wondering about something which I'm hoping someone here can shed some
light on.  I've been able to grab the latest DirectX 9 libs from Microsoft and
convert them using '(Microsoft)link.exe /lib /convert' followed by 'coff2omf'.
They work just fine with DM with the exception of 'd3dx9.lib'.  I understand
that there's some issue with using that lib that requires one to link with
'd3dx9d.lib' instead (the debug version, that is).  This, in fact, works fine.
You get linking errors if you try to build with (the converted) d3dx9.lib but no
problems with the converted d3dx9d.lib.

My question is:  Why?  What the heck is in the d3dx9.lib that doesn't get
converted over and causes link errors?

As a side note:  I've been to the Clootie graphics page
(http://clootie.narod.ru) and he posts a Borland C++ Builder lib set including
the troublesome d3dx9.lib.  Is there an equivalent way to create a set for use
with DM?

Thanks in advance for any insight you folks can provide!!
Dec 06 2003