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c++.windows.32-bits - CallWindowProc

The declaration for "CallWindowProc" is out of date.  It claims that the first
argument, which must be a WNDPROC, should be 'int (*__stdcall)()'

Microsoft's CE development tools also had this error, so I can only assume that
this is a leftover from some fool at Microsoft that didn't understand what a
WNDPROC was, and that it HAD TO take an HWND, MSG, WPARAM, and LPARAM.

WNDPROC seems to be declared properly, so if the declaration for CallWindowProc
was changed to simply accept a WNDPROC, all would be good.

In examining the headers, it looks like this may just be a matter of me needing
to define STRICT in my project.  Is there any way to encode a suggestion to the
user into the headers?  Probably not, without driving them nuts...

So the practical upshot is "never mind", unless you happen to be experiencing
problems porting code and having CallWindowProc defined oddly.  If you do, then
define STRICT, and the problem goes away...

Aug 25 2003