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c++.windows.32-bits - __SC__ no longer defined for RCC

One of my projects from 2001 started giving undefined symbols during
compilations. When the resource compiler is invoked using sc, it no longer
has __SC__ (or __DMC__) defined. In a (file included in) .rc file, I have:

#if defined(__SC__)
#define DS_3DLOOK 4
#define DS_CONTEXTHELP 8192
#define BS_CENTER 768
#define BS_NOTIFY 16384

And the command used is:
sc -mn program.cpp program.rc

Other compilers have these symbols already defined, so they can't be just
included. Currently, I have bypassed the problem by using a separate step:
rcc -D__SC__ program.rc

My request is:
1) Please check the behavior change in 'rcc'. (I guess other reserved
symbols would also be missing). Currently using version 8.29 of the
2) Please correct the headers to contain the missing defns. I did not
correct them as the newer versions would undo my changes and would then be
harder to chase. These are in 'winusers.h' and 'winresrc.h', which somehow
get included in windows.h...?

Oct 02 2002