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c++.windows.32-bits - shell & ansi files

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this bit OT stuff.

I want to use aspell to check some text files I wrote with an editor in
windows. Because of this the file uses the ANSI charmapping for special
characters like ä,ö and ü. The windows shell uses the OEM character mapping.
The result is that my windows text files can't be checked with aspell as
this is a shell program.

Here are some things I came up with up to yet but it's not perfect:

- Get a shell that uses ANSI mapping. Will this help or are the C runtime
functions working with OEM as well?
- recompile aspell so that uses ANSI instead of OEM. Is this possible? Do I
need to create a Win32 app out of it?
- use a filter to conver the windows text-file on the fly to OEM mapping.
Might work but how do I recognize a windows created text file?

Is there any elegant solution to this problem? Thanks a lot.

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Jul 05 2002