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c++.windows.32-bits - Child window problem

reply "Steve & Denise De Chellis" <dbouton snet.net> writes:
I have a main window with 5 child window buttons. When a user hits the
credit button an aboutbox child window appears on screen.

The problems is that I want the top window to have all the control yet if a
user puts the mouse over one of the covered buttons (covered by the aboutbox
window) and clicks the program executes the function called by the now
hidden button...


Steve De Chellis
May 08 2002
parent Jan Knepper <jan smartsoft.cc> writes:
2. Do not use a modal dialog as window to popup when you click a button.
3. You can not click a covered button as far as I know. You will have to take
the overlapping window from the button to click it.

Since you post in windows.32-bits I suppose you are using plain Win32 API.

May 08 2002