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c++.windows.32-bits - DialogBox

reply "Steve & Denise De Chellis" <dbouton snet.net> writes:
I 'm trying to get a dialog box to work in my program and it just will not
work. I've been able to compile a few programs out of a book with Dialog
Boxes but whenever I try mine it keeps telling me that it needs the 4
arguments to my AboutDlgProc in the call to DialogBox

          case IDM_APP_ABOUT :
               DialogBox (hInstance, TEXT ("AboutBox"), hwnd, AboutDlgProc);
               return 0;

BOOL CALLBACK AboutDlgProc (HWND hDlg, UINT message,
                            WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
     switch (message)
     case WM_INITDIALOG :
          return TRUE ;

     case WM_COMMAND :
          switch (LOWORD (wParam))
          case IDOK :
               EndDialog (hDlg, 0) ;
               return TRUE ;
          break ;
     return FALSE ;

What am I doing wrong? I can send the source code if that would help.

Steve De Chellis
dungeonmaster snet.net
Mar 06 2002
parent "Steve & Denise De Chellis" <dbouton snet.net> writes:
I think I have found the root of my problem. I am mixing C++ code with the
windows code and to make my C++ codes work I have to check off the "treat
code as C++" button which then makes Dialogbox invalid!

dungeonmaster snet.net
Mar 07 2002