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c++.stlsoft - Sugestions: Compiler Warnings & Beta Documentation

Hi Mathew,

Beforehand, I would like to extend congratulations for the new book, and I 
just waiting to get it my hands on it. As a comment regarding a old post 
from you, regarding the delaying of the implementation of scoped_method<> I 
totally agree with your reasons.

So here goes two suggestions:

I'm using the latest stlsoft version, and I was wondering if you could also 
provide some sort of beta documentation, I think it would probably help when 
looking for new functionalities.

Additionally I'm currently using findfile_sequence and I'm compiling with it 
warning level 4 in VC++ 8 and I'm getting a few warnings. The one's that 
refer to the conversion from size_t do DWORD, maybe could be suppressed or 
solved in stlsoft.

ClŠudio Albuquerque
May 23 2007