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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft Strategic plan ... 1.9 => 1.10 => 1.11

Hi all

Apologies for the sporadic/absent communication re STLSoft. Things have been
busy as usual, and there's never enough time.

For a long time I've been planning that STLSoft 1.10 would have the following
 - important (i.e. useful and well-designed) new additions to the libraries,
e.g. platformstl::properties_file
 - removal of much of the crappy/useless stuff from the previous versions
 - evolution to a consistent, meaningful naming convention for directories, and
for components - classes, functions, macros
 - revision/rework of some of the supporting compiler/platform/feature
discrimination, e.g. the compiler capability pre-processor
logic in stlsoft/internal/cccap
 - use of deeper namespaces for libraries, e.g.
winstl::registry::reg_key/reg_value for Windows Registry library
 - proper packaging of distributions, e.g. CR-stripping for UNIX
 - full documentation for all non-deprecated features
 - inclusion of comprehensive unit/component-tests in the distribution

For the last year or two I've been wanting to get all these things into 1.10,
and not getting very far.

It occurs to me now that I should instead aim for all of that with 1.11, and
ease the pressure on 1.10 and just have it as a good,
but incomplete, step towards STLSoft nirvana.

I have my own ideas about what might go in 1.10, and what might wait until
1.11, but I'd be interested to hear from you on the




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