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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft Pending issues; real-world delays; Pantheios/FastFormat/recls; etc.


Just wanted to let you all know that I'm not ignoring posts. Am just doubly
busy at the mo with the copy editing of Extended STL
(http://extendedstl.com/) and also with doing some real-world work for a

My current plans wrt STLSoft (and associated libraries) are:
    - release STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 47 asap, which will include all the
findfile_sequence, etc. problems with VC++ 8
    - release recls 1.8.6 (which includes some changes dependent on latest
    - release Pantheios 1.0.1-beta24 (which includes some changes dependent
on latest STLSoft)
    - finish the documentation for ATLSTL, COMSTL, .netSTL, InetSTL and
MFCSTL. (The docs for ACESTL all already done.) This will then go out in
another beta, at which point I hope you'll all be able to spend some time
reading the docs for these sub-projects, and let me have your criticism.
    - check out the fixed_array issues
    - check out the scoped_method idea
    - address any of the other 58 issues still marked unread in my news
reader that can be done for 1.9.1

Once I've got the STLSoft docs ACESTL->MFCSTL done and approved (by y'all),
and am content on a final feature set for 1.9.1, I will try and get that
released as soon as possible. Given the way my life is at the mo, that's
likely to slip into April, but hopefully early rather than late April. Once
1.9.1 is out, I can hopefully dispense with the crazy beta-to-infinity game
I've been playing the last 18months, and get back to normal service.
Hopefully ... ;-)

FYI: There's a large structural issue that's currently holding me up wrt
Pantheios and FastFormat, which I intend to post here (and in some other
forums) in order to test the collective wisdom. Once that's done, I will
release the first publicly available version of FastFormat. (FYI: like
Pantheios, it's 100% type-safe, infinitely extensible, and extremely fast.
Unlike Pantheios its for general-purpose formatting and output.) Once this
is sorted, I'll be able to put Pantheios 1.0.1 into final release, and get
busy refining FastFormat for the same purpose. Then I can get back to
writing about them for my next book, Breaking Up The Monolith
(http://breakingupthemonolith.com/). :-)


Mar 21 2007