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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft 1.9.75 released

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Changes for 1.9.75 (26th February 2009)


 * tidied up COMSTL documentation
 * tidied up scoped_handle use in winstl::memory_mapped_file
 * added checks to detect at compile time accidental use of &stat_data with
 * fixed defect in winstl::basic_reg_value::value_sz(), whereby the
nul-terminator is included in the resultant string length
 * tidied up winstl::basic_path, and added max_size() method
 * tidied up winstl::basic_commandline_parser, added substring-constructor, and
changed subscript operator to allow indexing (but not use) of the end element



 ~ include/comstl/collections/collection_sequence.hpp:
 ~ include/comstl/collections/enumeration_policies.hpp:
 ~ include/comstl/collections/enumerator_sequence.hpp:
 ~ include/comstl/util/value_policies.hpp:
    ~ enhanced documentation markup


 ~ include/winstl/filesystem/filesystem_traits.hpp:
    ~ added private method declarations to prevent accidental use of
get_file_size(HANDLE) as if it was get_file_size(&stat_data)

 ~ include/winstl/filesystem/memory_mapped_file.hpp:
    ~ tidied up use of scoped_handle for compilers that struggle with it

 ~ include/winstl/filesystem/path.hpp:
    + added max_size() method
    ~ minor documentation markup enhancements
    + added precondition enforcement onto push() method
    ~ moved implementation of push(char_type*) into push_() worker method, in
preparation for using ptr+len in public methods

 ~ include/winstl/registry/reg_value.hpp:
    ~ fixed defect in value_sz() method, whereby the resultant string length
erroneously included the nul-terminator

 ~ include/winstl/system/commandline_parser.hpp:
    - removed \brief documentation markup tags
    + added additional ctor, taking length
    ~ renamed all internal member types to have trailing underscore
    ~ changed subscript operator to be able to index (but not use) the end

Feb 25 2009